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when paula lane arrived here at the hospital last night she was malnourished but expects her to fully recover. live in carson city, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 3-5 mauves a family accused of elder abuse plead no contest. more than a dozen mentally disabled climates were kept in deplorable conditions that included beatings, no food and 46 dogs. three were released but two face up to four years in prison. an adult daughter completed her sentence and another daughter has not yet entered a police. the father died in jail. >>> california's campaign watch dog could open an investigation into whether a senator broke the law when he used campaign funds to buy a vehicle owned by the state. they sent a letter to a republican, they want to know why the title for the car is in his name if it was for campaign use. this is based on a report released yesterday saying some upgraded their vehicles at taxpayer expense. >>> the transportation authority is getting $50 million for the bart extension project. officials approved the funding today to expand facilities in hayward, upgrades are needed to accommod
wedged in some rocks. her body was recovered yesterday. >>> tonight the city of concord is considering a ban on growing marijuana outdoors. the issue first came up after a story we reported back in october. neighbors in one neighborhood complained of a lingering skunk like smell that turned out to be marijuana. even though it is allowed under state law. the concord city council will meet at 7:00 p.m. tonight to discuss that proposed ban. >>> next week the city of berkeley will hold a hearing on the future of a medical marijuana collective. the city has fined green leaf wellness for alleged violations of zoning laws which ban dispensarys in residential areas. neighbors have complained about people loitering and smoking marijuana on the street. >>> hundreds of children celebrated an early christmas inside san francisco's city hall rotunda. santa himself made a special appearance at city hall today along with mayor ed lee. they came out to help san francisco firefighters to hand out toys. that say think christmas they found demand has gone up 15%. >> we don't realize but everyone though t
injured after being pisal whipped. a nearby resident express it had thoughts of many of her neighbors. >> i think this is a city wide issue and we all need to get really really worried and krndz and angry about it. >> city council member libby says she's planning to bring in more help. >> first to immediately start preparations for a june police academy that will result in 40 new officers on our streets. seshgsd to hire 21 civilians that will assist the officers. >> council member rebecca cap lan adds the city needs more help from the community. >> if you've witness add krierjs if you have evidence, please call the police. it's really important that we make sure that we are all sending a message that violent criminal behavior is unacceptable. >> and the mayor and the police chief should be arooifg here in just a few minutes. we should be talking to them about all these topics including the possibility of federal receivership going away for the city of oakland and its police department. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in berkeley, police are hoping witnesses will step forward
, ktvu channel 2 news. >> classes resume today at san jose city college after the campus was shut down because of an alert about a possible armed intruder. >> i feel fine. i didn't feel nervous or anything. they handled it professionally. >> she hunkered down in her office for three hours last night while police searched. ktvu reported live from the scene, the drama started at 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon when someone reported seeing a gunman on campus. authorities sent a message to studentsp and staff stoo-- students and staff to stay inside. and then conducted a search but found no gunman. police began following up on leads it find out whether there was actually was an intruder. >> we took it very seriously as we do all calls that come in. but this call appeared to have credibility to it. >> police have undergone training and plan to hold more sessions in the future. >>> san francisco woman who was being held in connection with the death of her daughter has been released from jail. the girl was found laying on the sidewalk and died at the hospital. police arrested the mother, 46- ye
at 12-12-12. they were among couples getting married today at city hall. >> it's 12-12-12. >> the bride said the symbolic date was her husband's idea. >> 12 is like a number of completion. like the 12 disciples, its repeated in many different ways, the number 12 in different religions so after i researched it i felt it was really significant and i'm happy to have a 12-12-12 wedding date. >> more reason to celebrate. >> such a treasure, such a gift. yeah. >> arrived on this date. >> she came into the world at 12:05 p.m. >> i'm not a superstitious person but it's cool how many times i have given my birth date to someone. >> stores held 12-12-12 sales and lottery sales were up for many retailers. many hoping the unique date will bring good luck. >> make sure i actually stop today. >> because it's 12-12-12 and i'm going to win. >> we have seen people lining up all day long here. workers telling me sales are up not by 12% but by about 15% today on this, what many people consider a lucky day. >>> a woman pleaded guilty to embezzling more than a million and a half dollars from a real estate co
. but it attracts hundreds of people. some of the neighbors want the city counsel to limit the number of lights. >> more appropriate for las vegas. we are not opposed to decorations but it is just very bright, very intrusive. >> the homeowner is sorry her neighbor dos not like the -- nares donot like the -- neighbors do not like display. >>> george bush is still in the hospital and under going physical therapy to get him stronger. doctors expect a full recovery and nelson mandela also will remain in the hospital tomorrow. nelson mandela, who is 94 years old was admitted for a long infection. >>> a break in the case, the new developments in the bank robbery we told you about last week on caul on -- on ktvu. >> and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see a heavy amount of traffic heading in one direction. the interstate is packed. we will be right back. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need you
children. >> she will suffer horribly if her child doesn't come. >> we will hear about their heartbreak and determination to hold out hope. >> at nelly's 100th anniversary how this tunnel helped reshape the city. >> and a new high tech plan to fight drunk driving in california. why some are telling us it won't work. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> this week another big u.s. bank fell victim to hackers, the banking industry says these cyber attacks cause problems but that identity theft is not a concern. still as kyla campbell reports, banking customers are concerned. >> reporter: self-proclaims hackers are going after banks, just this week citigroup their goal is to keep customers from accessing their banking information online. that's bad news for americans who transfer money or pay bills online. >> i rely on my one bank for almost all of my transactions it would really cut me off from everything. >> reporter: these online hack -- hacktavist are not the same as thieves. >> it's not meant to steal information, it's meant to bring attention. >> reporter: they're working toge
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7